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Our Story

My name is Yolly. I was born in a country where the food we consume was always fresh and natural. I started to show interest in researching how to make natural skin care products when I became tired of trying over the counter products that contain chemical ingredients. My skin was always dry and itchy after showering. I embarked in making my own soap, all natural 20 years ago but did not follow thru due to hectic work schedule. Finally, relocating to Florida, I decided that I must take time to research and resume my passion. I became fascinated by the outcome of my soaps, body butters lip gloss etcetera, and with positive feedbacks from family and friends, became determined to create and expand my natural and organic personal care products to minimize consumer exposure to chemicals. That is when Beaute Divine was created. My mission is to make available beauty products made of pure and simple ingredients. The core of Beaute Divine’s philosophy is to formulate my products using the finest ingredients found worldwide regardless of the cost, excluding additives and synthetic preservatives.

I was very impressed with the quality of the product when I received it. The packaging is very good and the products are all-natural and worked fast when it came to skin problems I was having.

Britney Gardener


Yolly’s serums and body butters are amazing! They have really helped my skin look more youthful. I love the mango butter and African musk. I use the serums and rose oil a lot too.

Geoff McCammon


I purchased some of the butters and oils, I was told by a friend it may help my baby’s rashes. After a few weeks, the rash is significantly down it looks like it will be gone soon. Very appreciative of the products.

Jenna Peterson

Los Angeles

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